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Looking back at the ancient true knowledge is the aim of this program. Making yoga as a life style is the objective of this program. Hatha yoga Pradipika is the base for the training. Hence this course will shine up the students experience. Also there will be training for the very common problem that is Stress reduction. This program is based totally on the traditional texts like Gheranda Samhita and the Taittiriya Upanishds. The whole program makes the learner to understand his or her own emotions, take them towards emotional purification state and the emotional culturing state.

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Eligibility: Beginners but seekers
Medium: English
Duration: 15 days (100 hours)
Objective: To make a person experience the traditional yoga.
Goal: The learner can experience the detoxification and transformation. Person witness the most beautiful part of India.


A1. Basics

1. Concepts of Yoga and Yoga Therapy
2. Mantra Chanting: Recitation of Sacred words and different sound
3. Asana: Yoga Postures
4. Pranayama: Breathing Practices
5. Mudras: Yoga Gestures
6. Yoga Bandhas: Energy Lock
7. Dhyana: Meditation
8. Shatkarma: Yoga Cleansing Techniques

A2 Application (from Taittiriya Upanishad)

Incorporating yoga practices for physical, mental and emotional disorders. Students will learn how to plan treatments through yoga.
1. Understand stress
2. Physiology of stress
3. Concept of integrated approach


Proper understanding of the physical body will help to prevent injury before, during and after practice. There are two kinds of yoga anatomy: physical and spiritual. Understanding both types are needed.
1. Endocrine System: Panchakosha and Chakras
2. Nervous system: Mudras and bandhas
3. Strength & Endurance
4. Symptoms scale (Swadhyaya)
5. Research


Student is going to gain the sacred knowledge and also the real yogic life. Patanjali Yoga Sutras are going to be understood and implement at every moment of the day. This is how personality can be changed to balanced life (Sthitaprajna/Yogi).
1. Yoga concepts according to Patanjali Yoga Sutras
2. Rasananda yoga
3. Nada yoga
4. Jnana Yoga
5. Bhakti Yoga
6. Karma Yoga
7. Raja Yoga


Students will take turns to show their practices and also conduct a session for their peers and teachers.

D.1 Teaching Techniques (Practical)

1. Demonstration
2. Alignment
3. Instructions
4. Self assessment and handling the personality

D.2 Teaching Methodology (Theory)

At RishikeshYog Sansthan, our students will learn how to create a positive and peaceful class environment for an enjoyable and transformative experience.
1. Arranging of a Yoga Asana Class
2. Demonstration with instructions
3. Step wise instructions
4. Personal attention
5. Verbal Cues
6. Functional modifications and safety guidelines for each Asana (as per manual)
7. Assisting and helping techniques

Daily Schedule

4am to 5am: Bath & Wash
5am to 6am: Practical-1 (Mantra Chanting or Meditation)
6am to 8am: Practical-2 (Pranayama & Asana)
8.30am to 9.30am: Break Fast
10am to 11am: Theory-1 (Philosophy of Healthy Life)
11.15am to 12.45pm: Practical-3 (Relaxation techniques)
1pm to 2pm: Lunch
2pm to 4pm: Rest & Self study
4.15pm to 5.45pm: Practical-4 (Yoga Therapy)
6pm to 7pm: Refreshment
7pm to 8pm: Dinner
8pm to 9pm: Self study
9pm: Lights off

15 days program Schedule:

Day-1 to 12; Continuous gurukulam (residential) way of education.
Day-13; Certification and one night camping
Day-14; Start to Agra by 9am
Day-15; Visiting Agra and drop to Delhi airport

21 days Program Schedule

Day-1 to 18; Continuous gurukulam (residential) way of education with outings like Beatles ashram, Dhanolti & Tehri, Vasishta ashram at flexible times.
Day-19; Certification and one night camping
Day-20; Start to Agra by 9am
Day-21; Visiting Agra and drop to Delhi airport


1. Ganga Arti: As the sacred place, it attracted many saints to settle at its banks. Popularly Shivananda Ashram, Dayananda Ashram, Maharshi Mahesh yogi Ashram (Beatles Ashram) are still visible on the banks of river Ganga. The beautiful construction of bridges namely, Ram Jhula and Laxman Jhula are the two ways to cross the river by pedals and two wheelers. Each ashram follows the tradition of praying the river Ganga every evening. The followers of each ashram are still make the celebrations also at the banks of river Ganga and pays their devotion. Students will be allowed to join that devotional activity on one of the days of actual program. This visit helps us to realize the cerenity of river Ganga. The Bhajans or chanting or risiting Sanskrit shlokas by Gurukulam (traditional school) students makes the students to feel the vibrations of saints around us. Its all the saints efforts, we can vibrations when we sit in deep meditation.

2. Kunjapuri: It is a sacred temple in Rishikesh with immense hindu religion. It is located at the height of 1676 meters on a hill. It is one of the 52 Shakti peeth in Uttarakhand. The chest of burned Shakti (Godess Parvati) had fall here. People from all over India comes maximum in navaratri (Dassehra) festival. One has to cover 80 steep steps to reach the temple from the road. The peek point offers the view point. The beautiful mountain around this temple initiates the divinity. Early morning sun rise is the great event can be catched. It is 1.30 hr to 2 hrs of journey from Swargashram. 25 Kms from rishikesh rail way station and 39 Kms from Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun. This outing will initiates the divinity.

3. Rafting: River Ganga is the eternal and real God visible in Rishikesh. Hence the nature and forests are huge and meakes the cerene atmosphere. This made the cultural aspects in every human living around this river. Rishikesh is a resting place for sages from long back. Recently in 9th century Adi Shankaracharya visited. One can really realize the self by removing the emotions in the middle of mountains, rapid water flow and the unknown depth of the river. Hence rafting is the best adventure. The experienced maters will be guiding the rafting. This outing will erase the fear and other emotions.

4. Camping: As a part of different experiences, camping will be experienced in near local areas safely. There will be chance to play vollyboll, basket boll, badminton. Chance to have dj night and bon fire. There will be hygienic food provided and the tent will be as traditional home. The staff from the school will make sure about the safety. The local villages and traditional life makes you feel the best hospitality. This trip will initiates the openness.

5. Agra: The most ancient epitome of Mughal art constructed in 1628-1658. It is made of white marbles. It is the combination of Indian and Islamic architectural style. It is one of the universally admirable heritage of world. Tajmahal is the symbol of love. Its location at the banks of river Yamuna makes one feel pacified. The pleasant nature does not strain to complete the visit of whole building. Altogether its a mesmerizing experience. This trip will initiates the silencing of mind.


Students assessments are based on;
1. Attendance
2. Performance
3. Behaviour
4. Assignments


A. What does the course fees include?

1. Shared Accommodation for 12 nights
2. Vegetarian meals
3. Planned excursion
4. Yoga material (books, yoga t-shirt, body cleansing kit (Kriya kit), etc)
5. Ayurvedic massage (1 session)
6. Sightseeing trip

B. What is not included in the course fees?

1. Private accommodation- 300 USD additional
2. Air-conditioner- 100 USD additional

C. Discipline Rules for Students

1. Smoking and alcohol are strictly prohibited in the school.
2. If you are on fasting or absent for meals, you have to inform kitchen manager for avoiding food wastage.
3. Always make discipline, respect teachers and follow all rules.
4. Always be in the time, you are late means will not be permitted to join the class.
5. Clear your account of books before departure from Rishikesh Yog Sansthan.
6. Before departure return any other assistances if taken.
7. Rishikesh Yog Sansthan provides accommodation for a student who joins yoga classes. So any friends or relatives will not be included in the accommodation.
8. Student have to present in all scheduled program of Rishikesh Yog Sansthan

D. Refund Policy Rishikesh Yog Sansthan

1. An advance of course fees will not be refundable, only in the case of emergency students can join us on other schedules.
2. If the student cancels the course, we accept cancellation but the advance deposit will not be refunded in cancellation.
3. There is no charge of course cancellation. The student just has to inform by email.
4. Rishikesh Yog Sansthan is not responsible for any miss happenings before course schedule.

100 hours Detailed SYLLABUS

Reference Text Book: Gheranda Smahita by Gheranda


Loosening practices
Surya Namaskaras
Chandra Namaskaras
1. Siddhasana
2. Padmasana
3. Bhadrasana
4. Muktasana
5. Vajrasana
6. Swastikasana
7. Simhasana
8. Gomukhasana
9. Virasana
10. Dhanurasana
11. Mritasana
12. Guptasana
13. Matsyasana
14. Matsyendrasana
15. Paschimottanasana
16. Gorakshasana
17. Utkatasana
18. Samkatasana
19. Mayurasana
20. Kukkutasana
21. Kurmasana
22. Uttana Kurmasana
23. Mandukasana
24. Uttana Mandukasana
25. Vrikshasana
26. Garudasana
27. Vrishasana
28. Balasana
29. Makarasana
30. Ushtrasana
31. Bhujangasana
32. Yogasana

II. Kriyas

1. Neti
2. Dhouti
3. Basti
4. Nauli
5. Trataka
6. Kapalabhati

III. Bandha & Mudras

1. Maha bandha
2. Kechari mudra
3. Yoni mudra
4. Vipareetakarini mudra
5. Shakti chalini
6. Manduki
7. Shambhavi
8. Ashvini mudra
9. Kaki mudra
10. Pasini mudra

IV. Pranayama

1. Suryabhedana
2. Bhastrika
3. Bhramari
4. Ujjayi
5. Murcha
6. Kevala kumbaka
7. Sheetali
8. Sahita

V. Meditation

1. Breath awareness
2. Yoga nidra
3. Dynamic meditation
4. OM meditation

VI. Advance Techniques

1. Resonance technique
2. Pranic Energization technique

VII. Selfless Service (Karma Yoga)

1. Gardening/ kitchen activities/ cooking

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