Extra Curricular Activities

Yoga and Adjuncts



01. Chanting: Energy is everywhere. By reciting a mantra either orally or mentally, we tune ourselves to receive this energy just like tuning radio to receive electromagnetic waves around us.

02. Games : Activities to improve coordination, balance of the body and there by calmness of mind.

03. Quiz: Theory subjects: one word answers Practical subjects: demonstration

04. Karma Yoga: Cleanliness, Cooking, Maintaining herbs.

05. Acting: Demo of asana, Drawings.

Yoga Guidelines


Yoga and Practice


01. Calm, listening to Guru all the time (HYP-14).

02. Yoga fails by overeating, over exertion, excessive talk, the observance of disciplines, promiscuous company and unsteadiness (HYP-15).

03. Succeed by having zeal towards learning, bold determination, courage, true knowledge, firmness (belief in the words of Guru), renunciation of unsuitable people (HYP-16).

04. Accroding to Patanjali maha muni Yama Niyamas will be the first step in yoga life.

Yoga and Goals


01. Avoid fire, women, journeys in the beginning of yoga life.

02. Also don’t prefer the hard practice, early morning cold water bath, fasting etc (HYP-1.61).

03. Total personality as per the Taittiriya Upanishads helps the learner to grow in spiritual lore.

Yoga Concepts

No. Subject Theory Practical
01 Modern concept WHO, Anatomy & Physiology Modern medicine
02 Ancient concept Pancha kosha & Diet Integrative approach
03 Application-1 Asana Yoga Asana & Kriya
03 Application-2 Chakra and Prana Pranayama
05 Application-3 Emotions Chantings, Hawans
06 Application-4 Intellect Assessments
07 Application-5 Self realization Self analysis